Logistis Office Hours: Accounting for Creatives

Logistis: Accounting for Creatives

Marissa McKinney is the founder of Logistis, which is an accounting firm that specializes in accounting for creative services. Logistis offers monthly accounting services to support growing firms. Logistis is also the proud partner launching Heymama’s accounting team.

Along with Logistis, Marissa McKinney co-founded a firm that specializes in accounting for interior design and partners with a firm that focuses on e-commerce based businesses.

Marissa McKinney’s main focus during this pandemic is to make herself available to serve her communities.  Marissa wants to be personal resource for individuals and firms that are not sure how to navigate their current challenges.  

During our office hours you can ask us anything.  If we don’t know the answer, we probably know who does. The questions our clients are asking are as follows:

  • Where/how to tap into government assisted funding
  • What are some strategies I can implement to help employees keep jobs while making sure we don’t lose money
  • 3 way forecasting plan (good, bad and ugly scenarios)
  • Coaching through business continuity planning (aka the lifeboat plan)
  • Short term cash-flow for anyone already feeling an impact (good or bad)
  • Cash position review for working capital loans as scenarios can potentially get worse from here
  • Accounting systems process recommendations for startups
  • Understanding your financial reports

Come chat with us (remotely!) during our open office hours every Monday. 


*Available to Members
**Sessions must be booked at least 3 days prior