Gong Fu Tea Ceremony

Sip countless little tiny cups of rare, aged tea from the mountains of Phoenix with tea expert James Allen. Experience the magic and tranquility of a traditional Gong Fu tea ceremony! You'll learn professional tea brewing secrets, ask questions about which teas are best for treating physical health symptoms, and get tips on how to create your own personal tea ritual.

FAR WEST TEA TRADERS is based in Santa Barbara, California. They only procure teas that stand out with a distinctive and memorable character and supply them directly to you at the lowest possible price. They are a company dedicated to enriching people’s lives through the love of tea and the alchemy of tea time. They support Organic and Biodynamic tea farming and have found these smaller batches of teas produce far greater flavor and vitality (chi) than commodity tea.

Founder James Allen, the Tea Man, fell in love with tea in 2004 while working and apprenticing at one of the most respected teahouses in the U.S.. He has been procuring, packing, shipping, teaching, and brewing tea for literally thousands of happy customers
ever since.

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