[Zoom] Creating from the Feminine: A Women's Workshop

*This workshop will be hosted virtually. Email Kylie@kivasb.com for details.

This 1.5-hour workshop, facilitated by Somatic Women’s Coach Anna Reidenbach, MA, will give you tools to navigate the power paradox as a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and leader.

Anna Reidenbach, MA, is a Somatic Women’s Coach who is passionate about helping you find your joy and make an impact in the world with your gifts. She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical and Somatic Psychology from Antioch University with a concentration in Latino Mental Health. Anna began facilitating workshops in 2013, and her unique coaching style mixes Somatic Psychology with Feminine Power Transformational Coaching. She also incorporates into her work the happiness tools she learned while living in Spain, where she was a teacher for almost five years. 

As women, when we create the projects we were born to create, and are present where decisions are being made and resources are being spent, we change not only our own happiness and success, but also the course of the world.

However, for so many of us, our true power is locked inside. This can happen when we either embrace a masculine definition of business and leadership and end up feeling disconnected and unfulfilled. Or when we embrace the shadow qualities of the feminine and wind up disempowered or passive.

Fortunately, shining inside all of us is a third path. And, in this experiential workshop, you’ll learn how to increase your confidence and impact as a businesswoman, entrepreneur, or leader, by unlocking your feminine energy and exploring your power in playful and creative ways.

You might recognize this paradox in your life in 2 ways:

  • Perhaps you’ve been using a more linear, masculine, or westernized worldview to create your business or projects? This strong, push-through mentality has contributed to huge gains in women’s equality, yet you might notice feeling unhappy, empty, depleted, or disconnected. Or you might wish that you were making a deeper social contribution with your business or leadership, and deeply desire to use your gifts to create the world you'd love to live in.
  • Or perhaps you’ve embraced a softer feminine way of being in business? However, this shift towards kindness is often interpreted to mean “non-action,” or “weakness,” and you might be left feeling disempowered and passively waiting for things in your life to manifest. Perhaps you desire to be deeply valued for creating the connections which help your business or company thrive, and to be compensated for your time and services so that you have the resources to care for yourself. 

The third path, which will be explored in this experiential workshop, is learning to source real power from the feminine energies of collaboration, presence, and interconnectedness, so that you can bring this playfulness and magic into more areas of your career, leadership, and life.

The creator of Feminine Power Coaching, Dr. Claire Zammit, Ph.D., explains, “Something really big is happening for women. There’s an energy, a momentum that’s building, and it’s driving us to want to step into new roles… We feel something alive, something so important waking up inside of us… the desire to realize a much bigger possibility for our lives and in doing so catalyze the larger possibilities of our world.”

More info: https://www.somaticskillscoaching.com/creating-from-the-feminine/


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