Virtual Mentoring with Charlie Colquhoun: Customer ExperienceSign up for a virtual mentoring session with Simply CX's founder, Charlie Colquhoun (Customer Experience Best Practices, User Experience Design).

Charlie Colquhoun
Charlie is a passionate customer experience journey mapping practice leader with over twenty years of experience designing successful customer experiences for significant global software, Internet, consumer, security, and financial services companies.
His approach is creative, dynamic, collaborative, and melds together customer-driven design with customer success data. He developed a technique that assists businesses in prioritizing customer experience improvements to drive measurable growth, starting SimplyCX in 2016.

Areas of Expertise
  • Brand Value Strategy
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Advanced Journey Mapping + Prioritization Best Practices
  • Combining CX & UX strategies
  • Voice of the Customer Feedback 
  • Future State Journey & Customer Co-Design
  • Customer Success Measurement & ROI
  • Backstage/Service Blueprint Design
  • Self-Help & Assisted Support Strategy & Design
  • Building Governance
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